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Goodwood Chemicals

About us

Goodwood Chemical is a chemical technology company that has been active in the manufacturing industry since 1974. At the start, the company was involved with the development of various types of polymer products for wood treatment. However, over the years, has a variety of business areas been explored. Today, the company's primary focus is in the production of chemical adhesives for industrial use. These adhesives is in turn used as a part of different kinds of glues, paints and fillers.


Goodwood Chemical is currently a subcontractor to several large Swedish and Scandinavian industries. We place great emphasis on collaboration and flexibility, all in order to provide the products that best suit our customers' needs. If you or your company are interested in any of our products or in our business, please do not hesitate to contact us. There is a contact form provided below.

Rickard Zandén

Ansvarig kontaktperson

Civ. ing Industriell ekonomi

Tel: 0737-181065


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